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VO2Max Testing

Cardiopulmonary Evaluations

Measures the function of the heart/lung system to identify maximum heart rate, heart rate training zones and peak power output.

Cadiology Assessment

Cardiology Assessment

Stress Testing

Exercise Physiologist will take you through all your data and make expert recommendations for reducing cardiac risk factors.


Body Composition Analysis


Measures & tracks body fat to lean tissue ratios.

  • stabilometer

    Balance Testing

    Stabilometer tests your body's ability to maintain control and balance.

  • cardio stress test

    Graded Exercises & Fitness Testing

    Full assessments on all aspects of fitness and conditioning as well as comparisons to adults in age grouping.

  • cardiopulmonary testing

    Cardiopulmonary Test & Occupational Assessment

    The most cutting edge assessment to determine your level of fitness, with Pulmonary and cardiac determination of maximal fitness capacity.

  • Fitness testing

    Fitness Test

    Measures endurance, strength & flexibility.

  • threshold testing

    Anaerobic Threshold Testing

    Tests the client’s respiratory compensation points, heart rate/work relationships, pulmonary function, EKG heart rate analysis.

  • pulmonary function testing

    Pulmonary Function Testing

    In depth lung profile and lung function as well as diagnostic pulmonary function for asthma.

  • Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

    Lifestyle experts will work with you, for accountability and encouragement.

  • stabilometer
  • stress test
  • cardiopulmonary
  • fitness
  • threshold
  • pulmonary
  • lifecoaching

Other Services

Respiratory Compensation

Point during exercise at which lactic acid can no longer be buffered in the blood.

Nutritional Assessment

Comprehensive assessments by registered dietician for 30-60 minutes on all aspects of your nutrition profile, calorie restriction and plan. Includes diabetics, HTN and medical conditions.

Spirometer and Respiratory Training

Measures lung capacity.

Occupational Ability Assessment

Compares 30 aspects of your physical condition to employee of same age, gender, job & position.

Vision Screening

In depth screening for vision disturbances.

Respiratory Compensation Testing

Point during exercise at which lactic acid can no longer be buffered in the blood.

Blood Profiling / Including Cardiovascular Markers

Complete blood counts including Renal, Liver, cardiac markers for risk, and complete lipid and cholesterol profile.

Metabolic Evaluations & Response

Energy expended during exercise and rest; full-range of blood work and Lipid profile for risk stratification.